Employment opportunities and jobs in Melbourne and surrounding areas for Female Strippers, Male Strippers and Topless Bar Staff Jobs.

Vacancies are currently available for experienced Strippers, new Strippers, Topless Bar Staff and Promotional Babes!

Are you interested in a change of career?

Would you like to work for Melbourne’s best experienced and most reliable stripper agency?
Applicants must be attractive, reliable, have transportation, be over the age of 18, and have pictures.

Are you interested in a job as a topless barbabe?
If interested, please send us email or phone 0417-069-969.


Interested in becoming a Stripper, Topless Bar Girl or Promotional Babe?  BUT are new to the strip tease industry! Please contact us by Email or Phone to discus your options, as everybody started in this position at some time. Work the hours you want for top pay and conditions.

Cheers and Good Luck!