- Saturday 27th June 2015. From the bucks in Waubra last night. Diamond Lust exceeded the hype. Really got the crowd into. The boys were respectful and so I think she had a lot of fun to. Best stripper I’ve seen mate.

Cheers Sam.

- Sunday 24th May 2015 Philip IslandWCC Trip. Holy shit! Nikita and Diamond leso show!!!! Incredible rigs, best asses ever. Oh.. And the dildo deep throat! F&$K!! Best show and at ripper price. Wes, keep the pimping up!

- Saturday 16th May 2015. Soccer Club Piss Up in Springvale South. Hunter was awesome as always, Fox performed a great show to, but Cecilla – Legend.

Cheers George.

- Saturday 16th May 2015. Soccer Club Piss Up in Springvale South. Thank You Hunter was lovely, a raunchy hit with the 18’s. Thank you we are only to happy to acquire and recommend your business again.

- Saturday 16th May 2015. Soccer Club Piss Up in Springvale South. Hi Wez,Cecila was unbelievable. Probably the best we’ve ever had. Highly recommended. The Hurrician boys thought she was a furrrrrkin legend. Cheers George.

- Saturday 28th February 2015. 50th Birthday Party in Rowville.Hi Guys and Girls, Just a quick thanks for the professional and fun show Saturday night in Rowville with Cassandra, the hubby was a surprised and happy man, and so were our friends. It made the night.

Cheers Frankie.

- Hey Mate just sending a text to say cheers for Saturday arvo at Bull and Bear Hotel, Jasmine B was a riot. Every one had a ball, was a ripper of a night.

- Saturday 25th January 2014. Kade’s Bucks Party at Bull and Bear Hotel 347 Flinders Street, Melbourne.Hey Mate just sending a text to say cheers for Saturday arvo at Bull and Bear Hotel. Hunter and Fox were nuts, every one had a ball, was a ripper of a night.,

- Saturday 25th August 2013. Matts Football Trip.Thanks again – EPIC day! Jasmine was sensational – the boys lost their shit – it was awesome :-)

- Saturday 27th July 2013. Dave’s Third Annual Boys weekend in Rye.Great work with Nikita Sage and Caprice Nolan Wez.Dave from Portsea who booked Nikita Sage twice. Caprice might not be the Penthouse Pet of the year but still very good and working the crowd all. She’s still working hard here. She just has fun. Great find. You are a consummate professional.

- Saturday 20th April 2013. It’s Nathan from the bucks at Bayswater, we just had Mary Jayne here and she was fantastic, thank you for getting her here on such late notice. Best show I’ve ever seen.

- Sunday 11th March 2012.Sunday afternoon piss up in Bayswater.  Hey Wes, just a quick msg to say how great and entertaining Jasmine B was. Cheers from Paul and Glen.

- Saturday 24th March 2012. Cricket Club Premiership Win celebration at Vermont South. Hi Nikita Sage Thank you for your excellent performance tonight, the boys were very impressed! Job well done! Shame you barrack for the pies and not the tigers. Hope you enjoy the rest of your night.

Cheers, Daniel.

- 10th March 2012.Danny’s Bucks Party at Medina Grand Apartments.  Hey Wez… Nikita Sage and Lola Blaze were absolutely the best strip show we have seen!! They were simply awesome and such great girls. Thanks mate for your advice, help and for making this happen (and for making me look absolutely legendary to my mates!!) cheers dude!

- 18th September 2011. Mad Sunday Strip with Nikita Sage G’day gorgeous, loved the show today, your phenomenal! I’m the bloke in the track suit at Frankston…. could u do another appearance and how much? Wicked X BANG STIFFY.

- Saturday 29th January 2011. Matts Bucks Party Night, OH MY LORD WHAT A NIGHT !!!!!!! Thanks Wez for the three awesome ladies you provided us on the night, Chelsea was the best topless bar maid ever, she talked and mingled with all the boys making them feel real at home. Very pretty and very nice chest. Caprice Nolan  was great, she came in and took control and showed the boys a great show. We then asked Chelsea to do a show for us, people wanting more and more of Chelsea, so she gave us a show that was very entertaining and the boys loved it. Then came Jasmine B, differently the best show in Melbourne and had heads spinning and jaws dropping. She entertained the crowd like never before and done some of the wildest things any man will see. The night will be talked about for many months especially Jasmine B. Mind blowing stuff that we loved, all of it!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again Boys from Matt’s bucks night.

- Still more of Matts Melbourne Bucks Party Night. Jasmine B you are easily the BEST stripping act in Melbourne if not Australia. Your show was jaw dropping and had many heads spinning and still spinning. You entertained the whole crowd with some of the wildest and craziest stuff ever seen. Many of the boys will be booking you so that says it all. You were awesome and we loved every minute off it. Most talked about show for sure and will be for many months. Cheers Boys from Matt’s Bucks night

- 27th SEPTEMBER 2008. GRAND FINAL DAY AT DANIEL`S HOUSE Thanks Wez for making our day an absolute cracker, the girls were amazing, Nikita Sage and Caprice Nolan were so hot, there show was awesome and they were top girls too, great sports. So thank you so much for just being so easy to deal with, and making our Grand Final Day the best ever.


- Saturday 23rd August 2008. Peters bucks party. Well we wanted the best and hottest you had, and you guys delivered. Nikita Sage you are the one! Thanks Guys.

Peter, South Melbourne.

- Saturday 22nd September 2007. Toby’s bucks party. Nikita was built for Bucks Nights, great rack, and perfect waist to arse ratio, Young, Hot and Sexy, best bucks night strip I’ve ever seen. Fantastic performance, hot like fire!

Loch, South Bank.

- Sunday 16th September 2007. Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for your recommendation of Nikita for yesterday. She was as stunning as you described but also more importantly a great fun girl who really made it a great day for us. I will definitely be recommending her to anyone I know who needs this type of entertainment. So thanks once again.

Regards Kieran.